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Fast and reliable. Customers receive deliveries within two days of booking.



Receive text updates about the status of your shipments.



Expansive network of 350 drop off locations ensures quick deliveries.



Book and ship your orders from any device with Smartship.

Track your order

Why hassle when you can Smartship?

A robust shipping infrastructure that benefits the online sellers.


Help your brand grow

Be smarter than your competition. Gain the competitive advantage of quicker deliveries with our 2-day business shipping, even on Fridays.


Shipping insurance

A small additional fee gets you insurance for your packages, ensuring safety from theft, loss, and damage.


Track shipments in real-time

You can track your parcels online with the Smartship app to stay informed about your shipment’s whereabouts.


Easy and quick pricing

No guesswork is needed for our affordable flat-rates. Select your optimal bundle, and get started.

Ready to get started?Book, ship, track within 3 minutes.


Register online

Add your user details to the database. Provide a few details about yourself and get registered immediately.


Procure waybills

Find waybills that suit your business needs. Look for weight breaks usually needed for shipping your products, purchase them. And you are halfway done already!


Transfer payment

Choose a credit card or cash to pay for the subscription. Cash payments take a day or two to process through, but credit cards can get you started right away. You can also opt for the SADAD (OTP) service launching shortly.

Make Payment

Parcel inspection

Match the parcel’s weight with the waybill and proceed to the next step.

Prepare Shipment

Deliveries dispatched

Once the process is complete, your shipment will be delivered to the consignee within two business days.

Get it delivered

Convenient Bundle


Packages for Everyone.

Choose a custom bundle that works for you.


Indulge in creating your product
– we will pick and deliver your package to package
to customers all around the world.

Efficient process:

Find the answer to every shipping concern from a single stop. Keep your customers in the loop about their awaited parcels.

Constant support:

Receive advice, answers, and quick quotes from our support team. We are always happy to help.



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