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About us

About Smartship - The Smart
Shipping Solution In Saudi Arabia

Small business shipping made affordable, user-friendly, and accessible for every business.

Designed to help small businesses rise to the top, Smartship helps you focus on everything other than shipping. Experience flexible end-to-end control over parcel logistics and pricing for your convenience.

Smartship was created with the intention of facilitating all sorts of small businesses - from handicraft producers to craft owners, from family businesses and small e-commerce ventures.

Stimulating growth amongst web-based sellers and social media trades, the straightforward logistics ensure a convenient shipping experience.

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How Smartship started?Our origin story

Smartship began with a simple thought:
Small businesses have a lot to think about, but shipping shouldn’t hamper their growth.

Focused on the success of small businesses, Smartship utilizes the existing network of SMSA retail centers operating in the Kingdom to boost delivery times. Our customers get the best prices.

Deliveries that delight the customers, we offer easy pickups and shipping processes with the help of innovative online infrastructure.

The goal is simple: to ensure an effortless shipping experience for you!

Smartship is a reliable partner for every budding enterprise. Connected with the fastest delivery and logistics networks, we have amassed a favorable reputation amongst small businesses in the Kingdom.

We aspire to grow with you.

Our goal for the future is simple; become the best regional network. The vision empowers buyers and sellers with a robust e-commerce platform.

Smartship looks forward to being a marketplace that is tactful and tech-savvy; efficient enough to serve you with a single tap!


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What can we do for you?Things Smartship brings to your shipping journey.


Custom shipping packages intended for different types of sellers.


Pocket-friendly rates that fit in your budget.


User-friendly website and application to increase your convenience.


Tech-savvy customer support available 24/7.


Easy booking and shipping to help reduce delivery time.


Dedication to the two-business-days-policy.

Success storiesWhat do our clients say about us?