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How it works

Get your order packed and shipped by our friendly teammates.

Your shipment becomes our responsibility the minute you hand it over to us.

From one service center to another, we ensure that your shipments become the highlight of your customers’ day.

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How does it work?

Get it done in 5 simple steps


Register Online

Online account creation and management that is supported by SMS Communication - a truly paperless experience guaranteed!

Enter the details requested by the website.

Attach a proof of identity to verify the information and complete the registration process.


Purchase waybills

Waybills are essential for hassle-free deliveries. Look for the ones that match your specific requirements, such as weight-breaks. Add them to your cart and proceed to payments.

The payment slab stays between SAR 3250 and SAR 2600. Anything above or below would not be processed by the database.


Transfer payment

You have the choice between cash and credit card. Cash payments will defer the process for a day or two. Choose credit cards for instant processing.

You can also opt for the SADAD (OTP) service launching shortly.

Waybills purchased are valid for a year. Refunds and replacement post-expiration is currently unavailable. For more information about waybill options, please connect with us at: contact


Parcel inspection

Match the parcel’s weight with the waybill and proceed to the next step. Shipments weighing less than the weight break are easier to handle. Once your shipping details and preferences about the SMSA retail centers have been added to the database, they are automatically saved for future use.


Deliveries dispatched

Once the process is complete, your shipment will be delivered to the consignee within two business days. You can even dispatch your orders on the weekend with the express Friday Service, available in prime SMSA’s retail centers. That too, without any additional charges. Shipments are accepted at all SMSA Retail Centers by 11 PM.


How To Access Smartship?

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